Las Cupulas
Sayulita, Mexico
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our story

Our first time to Sayulita in 2003, we all just came to enjoy a little sun and surf. We loved it so much, we thought it might be fun to actually own a place down here so we bought this land within hours of getting on our flight back home. The down payment consisted of every peso we could scrounge from our wallets.

We had no idea what we were getting into. But for goodness sake it’s been fun, always interesting, and the surfing has been great.

Starting with a raw piece of land a few blocks from central Sayulita we decided to create an enclosed compound, replete with pool, patio and three individual units, ostensibly one for each partner involved.

As three of us were architects, it could be a recipe for disaster, right? Recognizing the potential ego crush, we all just got down to business and designed a very practical site plan and the buildings grew from there. Clean lines, beautiful gardens, and connection to the outdoors were our guiding principles.

As construction ensued in 2005 we added unique details of Mexican masonry mastery, including the brick vaults, called Cupulas, that grace every ceiling. We had fun picking all of the extraordinary plants that have since grown to awesome proportions. It was hot and sticky planting them all in October of 2006! We opened our doors for our first guests in December 2006, and have had the pleasure of countless groups of family and friends stay with us ever since.

We hope you may enjoy the fruits of this process, and have your own unique Las Cupulas experience!